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I am truly thankful that I have had the opportunity to homeschool our three children and be an integral part of their early years. There have been moments where Eric and I have questioned our abilities, and there have been a time or two with tantrums over unsolved math equations. At this point it has been a success. We still have five years remaining but experience shows that the first one is the hardest, so we're on to the next college bound!

I am eager to offer my talents to those who appreciate them the most and I find the homeschool groups in and around Brown County to be most appreciative of my experiences. I have met many parents throughout the years who share a common interest in providing a well rounded home-based education.

If you or your group would like more information on Homeschool Portraits please feel free to contact me at 812•597•0063. If you would rather leave me a brief description and have it emailed to me go here.

Patty Lindley

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