My favorite times of the week are when I get to play with our children. They have such a wonderful carefree perspective of life that tends to rub off on Eric and me. Needless to say they keep us busy. I enjoy watching birds on our property and have begun photographing them as they perch outside the window. During the winter months the kids and I enjoy knitting, baking breads, cookies and other delicious treats while Eric enjoys eating them. In the spring you will find me outside up to my ankles in mud moving perennials and making room for new plantings. But fall is my all time favorite season. I was in awe this first year living in Brown County. The gorgeous light that time of the year, so low in the sky, makes the color of the leaves so brilliant.
Here is something fun to explore. We were fortunate to be featured in Nashville's publication "Our Brown County" telling a little about our business and life. Please check it out at Nashville is such a wonderful place to visit offering many opportunities to meet a variety of artist and view their work.
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